10 Reasons to Treat an Osteopath

If you ever have any pain or symptoms of any kind, whether muscular or otherwise, we recommend that you visit a good osteopath to find the best solution to your problem. Here are 10 reasons that make osteopathy the best manual and natural treatment therapy: 1. A good osteopath acts […]


Lumbargia and/or lower back pain is a very common pathology in our society. It can come from a cumulative pain, meaning that the area is progressively loaded, or it can appear suddenly and abruptly by making a movement or carrying weight. In all cases, however, there is always, even if […]

Infant colic

What is infant colic? Infant colic is a picture that is characterized by episodes of energetic and inconsolable crying of about 3 hours a day, almost every day. The exact cause of this picture is not yet known, but the hypothesis that is gaining strength is that it is due […]

What is hypopressive abdominal gymnastics?

Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics (GAH) was created by Dr. Marcel Caufriez in 1980 in Belgium, has several applications in the field of health, prevention and sport. It is based on exercises performed in different postures at a slow pace, achieving the activation of various muscles of the body and the relaxation […]

Cognition in the recovery of traumatic injuries

Surely if we were to ask what the Cognitive Therapeutic Exercise (ETC) or better known as the Perfetti Method is for, those who have heard of it would answer that it is aimed at the recovery of patients with neurological disorders and, specifically, those with hemiplegia. The idea is not […]

Craniomandibular problems and supplementation

Nowadays there are more and more people with orofacial, cranial or mandibular pain, due to one or several causes such as the stress that our society is experiencing. How many people do you know who bruxate (press their teeth) at night? Or do they even clench their fists tight and […]

Development and integration of knowledge in neurosciences in the physiotherapy treatment of neurological patients: neurocognitive theory.

Today neuroscience can no longer deal with the brain considering only the perspective of neurobiology that is interested in more structural levels of the nervous system (cellular and molecular level); with the entry, in the mid-twentieth century, of cognitive sciences in the panorama of sciences it is considered that the […]


Pelvic floor: what it is, why it weakens and how we can restore it. Perineum or pelvic floor This is a collection of muscles and ligaments that seal and support the entire lower abdomen, keeping the bladder, uterus and rectum in the correct position and in suspension, against the force […]

The importance of prepartum

Prenatal care is important because during pregnancy, if possible, you should lead an active life and exercise without getting too tired. Gymnastics in preparation for childbirth is a complement to this active life that every pregnant woman must lead, but it is also important to have theoretical information about situations […]