Before consuming any type of sports supplement we advise you to establish the difference. In this case we will teach you more about creatine and protein. Sound familiar?

Supplements stand out as an important issue within the training environment, in which the difference between creatine and protein must be established, for example. This difference must be established because on many occasions athletes do not get proper advice or because they tend to confuse one substance with the other.

This type of confusion occurs in all athletes and the fact that you have experience in the world of fitness does not leave you exempt from it. Therefore, we will teach you a little more about sports supplements, how they work and the difference between creatine and protein.

Importance of sports supplements

Sports supplements, also known as ergogenic aids, are often within easy reach of any fitness store. In addition, they have authorized certification for sale.

A type of protein shake powder to prepare.
Protein supplements provide the biofuel needed to maintain muscle mass.

These aids complement the diet of the athlete and should be used at the same time with a healthy and balanced diet. So they should not be used as the diet itself and much less should replace natural foods.

As mentioned in a study published in 2017, these substances help boost capabilities such as strength and power. However, their consumption must be regulated under supervision; especially in children and young people.

In this order of ideas, sports supplements favor the development of complex routines or greater effort. Because of this, people who train with external weights or resistance training, both vigorous, usually resort to their regular use.

Differences between creatine and protein

On the other hand, creatine and protein are recognized as two supplementary substances or sports supplements of the most used in training. Being 2 of the most popular it is necessary to establish their most relevant differences and understand in what specific way they can help you.

Based on the above, we will teach you each ergogenic aid with its respective characteristics. Do you want to know them?


Creatine supplements are on the market as one of the cheapest, but you shouldn’t be fooled by their price. Despite its value, it is perhaps one of the best and most researched of all supplements. So including it in your routine, except for excessive excess, can only bring you benefits.

Creatine itself is a molecule produced by the body and is found mainly in muscle tissue. Although it is a non-essential amino acid, it must also be ingested through diet or supplements, as in this case.

Its main function is focused on muscle stimulation, so it favors the increase of energy. In that sense, creatine is consumed to provide more energy for the execution of your training routine.

It should be noted that it is not a supplement that directly affects muscle growth. However, by providing more energy, it indirectly favors the process of hypertrophy.


Protein is perhaps the most consumed supplement worldwide. Such is its use that many people consume it without even researching before doing so.

From the professional point of view it is not right to ingest something for simple popularity, even if it is a supplement widely researched at a scientific level. So it is necessary to know how it works and how healthy it is for the body.

Generally speaking, protein supplements provide large amounts of amino acids. This directly influences the process of muscle growth, also known as hypertrophy.

On the other hand, the intake of protein as a supplement also favors the muscle recovery process. That is why most athletes focused on strength exercises and hypertrophy usually consume it regularly.

Sports supplementation products placed on a surface.
Sports protein supplements provide essential amino acids to facilitate muscle hypertrophy.

Based on the above, it can be affirmed that the protein works in a great way and is even recommended by professionals in the area. However, it is necessary to have an individual analysis in order to suggest an appropriate amount according to the preparation of the person.

Difference between creatine and protein, something clear?

Before consuming any type of supplement you should know its main functioning, as explained above. In this case, distinguishing the difference between creatine and protein is important and you should not lose sight of it. So, under medical authorization, you can include both in your dietary intake.

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