What is sleep apnea? Can the dentist help you?

Sleep apnea┬áis a respiratory disorder in which breathing is suddenly interrupted when the patient sleeps. These sudden interruptions can last a few seconds or minutes and can be repeated about 30 times per hour (depending on each patient). Apnea is usually accompanied by snoring and causes discomfort for the patient. […]

Cognition in the recovery of traumatic injuries

Surely if we were to ask what the Cognitive Therapeutic Exercise (ETC) or better known as the Perfetti Method is for, those who have heard of it would answer that it is aimed at the recovery of patients with neurological disorders and, specifically, those with hemiplegia. The idea is not […]

Development and integration of knowledge in neurosciences in the physiotherapy treatment of neurological patients: neurocognitive theory.

Today neuroscience can no longer deal with the brain considering only the perspective of neurobiology that is interested in more structural levels of the nervous system (cellular and molecular level); with the entry, in the mid-twentieth century, of cognitive sciences in the panorama of sciences it is considered that the […]