Prenatal care is important because during pregnancy, if possible, you should lead an active life and exercise without getting too tired. Gymnastics in preparation for childbirth is a complement to this active life that every pregnant woman must lead, but it is also important to have theoretical information about situations that will happen during pregnancy and after it, such as: breastfeeding, the situation of the month in which you are pregnant, adequate nutrition, sexuality during and after pregnancy, information about the hospital environment where the birth takes place, physical tensions that may appear and emotional changes specific to pregnancy , and to have a good knowledge of the pelvic floor and good body awareness. It is also a good time to share concerns about pregnancy and the future birth with other mothers.

The pelvic floor is nothing more than a set of muscles and ligaments that enclose and support the entire lower abdomen keeping the bladder, uterus and rectum in the correct position and in suspension against the forces of gravity . The weakening of the pelvic floor causes one or several of the following disorders: incontinence, prolapse (dropping of the intra-abdominal organs) and sexual dysfunctions. This is why every woman needs to have a good awareness of her pelvic floor and do specific work to tone all these muscles and make the joints more flexible during childbirth, all this work is focused on making childbirth a pleasant experience and non-traumatic and as a prevention of possible complications.

The main objectives of prepartum are:
– Try to break the por-tension-pain circle.
– Arrive at the birth in good conditions.
– Live the birth positively.
– Reduce pregnancy-specific discomforts.
– Reduce postpartum sequelae.

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