If you ever have any pain or symptoms of any kind, whether muscular or otherwise, we recommend that you visit a good osteopath to find the best solution to your problem. Here are 10 reasons that make osteopathy the best manual and natural treatment therapy:

1. A good osteopath acts directly on the cause of the problem

Unlike other professionals, osteopaths are not dedicated to treating symptoms. We understand that the symptoms that occur in the patient are the consequence of a main cause that causes them, and that in general, this cause is not usually in the same place as where the symptom appears. Thanks to the principle of Globality by which we are governed, it is possible to understand that a visceral alteration, for example, chronic gastritis, can cause back pain, or that an eye or jaw problem can alter the entire balance system and produce painful contractures in any part of the body.

2. Osteopathic treatment respects your body

“Find the injury, correct it, and let nature do.” This is one of the 3 basic principles of every osteopath. We understand very well every process of your body. Whether it is an inflammatory process, a chronic process or another type of process, we apply with osteopathic techniques exactly what your body needs to carry out an optimal recovery. We never apply something that goes against what your body is doing at all times, unlike traditional medicine, which has a tendency to intervene by blocking the biological processes of your body.

3. The goal of osteopathic treatment is self-healing of your body

We are dedicated exclusively to stimulating the self-regulation mechanisms of your body, improving microcirculation, recovering elasticity in the tissues and releasing the joint blockages that you have in your body. In this way we send a “message” to the nervous system to re-balance, causing a global response of harmonization of your body.

4. Treatment has no unwanted side effects

In osteopathic treatments there are no unwanted side effects. Yes, there are reactions of the body necessary to re-balance the body systems, but these effects are not negative for you … quite the opposite! After the treatments there is a period of 24-48 hours in which your body responds to the given stimulus. For this reason it is possible that after the treatment you notice tired and even occasionally with dizziness or fever … All of them are processes of recovery and organic rebalancing that occur when your autonomic nervous system is activated. Your body at that moment asks you to rest to conclude your recovery.

5. The good osteopath is guided by the state of your tissue, not by medical labels

You and your body give us all the information we need to perform the treatment successfully. That you go to the medically diagnosed consultation of low back pain – which means low back pain – does not contribute much, since the possible causes of low back pain are numerous… That’s why we focus on what you tell us and where your body has restrictions that produce the symptoms you describe. We have our own effective osteopathic diagnostic tools.

6. The effects of the treatment are immediate

Whenever we perform a treatment, we immediately receive the response of your body. We can observe how posture, mobility and elasticity of the tissue, among other factors that we measure in your body, improve immediately. In most cases, the relief of the symptom for which you go to consultation is also immediate.

7. Although you come for a specific problem, the good osteopath improves your entire body.

Thanks to the fact that the treatment we perform focuses on your body being self-regulating, the effects that occur are global. The stimuli that your nervous system receives causes all your systems to react, improving circulation, stimulating your immune system and regulating your hormonal, causing the effect of the treatment to be transmitted to all parts of your body.

8. The good osteopath has very good results where other professionals do not

Since our diagnosis is based on what your body tells us and not on hypotheses or statistics, it is possible that we treat processes of your body that other professionals do not and that the results are very satisfactory. In this way, we are very effective treating neuralgia, herniated discs, headaches, dizziness, digestive, gynecological and even hormonal problems, among many other possibilities.

9. You’ll save yourself from taking a lot of medication

Undoubtedly, one of the best reasons to visit a good osteopath is that after treatment, it will not be necessary for you to take medications that do have negative effects on your health. You will reduce and even eliminate the intake of medications such as paracetamol, omeoplazol, lyrica, cortisone, and many others that in many cases hinder your own recovery. At this point we recommend good communication between the osteopath and your family doctor or specialist to coordinate treatments.

10. Osteopathy does not create dependence

You don’t need to continually go to the Osteopath. At first, in the most delicate cases, it will be necessary to hold several periodic sessions. As your recovery progresses, the changes in your body will be more lasting and if you also follow the recommendations in your day to day that we offer you in consultation, very possibly you do not have to go more for that problem to the consultation. Remember that the best therapist is not the one who relieves your symptom, but the one who helps you dissolve the problem. If every month you need to go to the therapist because your symptom reappears, it is because the original cause has not yet been addressed. Thanks to the effectiveness of the Osteopathic treatment, in most cases, with 2 or 3 sessions there is already a great improvement, and with some more sessions we help you to completely dissolve your problem.

Go to your trusted osteopath and tell us your case. We will offer you a distinct perspective and a really effective treatment.

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